W11: Karachi 2 Melbourne

The Melbourne CBD area has been livened up these last few weeks by the presence of a colourful tram blaring music out the windows while making its way along City Circle tourist route.

The W-class tram is part of Festival Melbourne 2006, the cultural festival of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Although many commuters have mistakenly called it "the Bollywood tram", it is actually the work of Pakistani vehicle decorators in a project organised by tramtactic.

Love is life

Titled "W11: Karachi 2 Melbourne", the tram is heavily decorated inside and out with ornate patterns in bright colours. Every ride is like a mini-carnival as passengers step off the street and into an alternate reality of flashing lights, Pakistani disco pop, and conductors clapping and dancing with other passengers.

Unfortunately the tram will not be a permanent fixture in Melbourne, and made its last run on March 26. However the conductors hope that the service will continue if there is enough public demand, and passengers are encouraged to add their comments and support at the tramtactic website, www.tramtactic.org