The Rising Sun Anger Release Bar

If you've had a shitty week in China and feel like belting the crap out of someone while keeping it legal, the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in Nanjing would be the perfect venue to visit. Depending on the level of violence to be inflicted, the bar charges between 50 to 300 yuan ($8.30 to $49) for stressed-out patrons to smash glasses and verbally abuse and beat up the bar staff to their hearts' content.

Rough and ready to rumble The bar has 20 "models" available for rough-and-ready handling. These are well-built young men wearing protective gear, and customers can specify how they want them look, which means they can be modelled after a despised boss or ex-lover. On-site professional counselling is also provided.

Wu Gong, the bar owner, said that most of the customers were women working in the service and entertainment industries. The enterprising 29 year old was inspired by similar bars in Japan and wanted one of his own following his experiences as a migrant worker in Guangdong.

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