Are you a social media try-hard?

 Are you trying too hard to impress people on social media? Are you a savvy socialite or just a shameless self-promoter? Now you can find out using the Social Effort Scale, a fun tool created by Axe and advertising agency Barton F. Graf 9000.

Using the current holy trinity of social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - the Social Effort Scale analyses users' posts to determine if their social efforts fall under "trying too hard", "effortless", or "not trying hard enough". This is based on try-hard indicators such as frequency of posts, hashtags, shares, emojis and photos, fed into an algorithm developed by Unit9

Wanting to know about my social effort, I connected my Twitter account to the Scale. After analysing my last 100 tweets, the scale gave me a score of 245 out of 500 points.  Apparently that's a little on the high side of trying too hard. 

The score break down displays effort of individual posts.  The algorithm used to calculate scores seems to be strict. This is because it calculates the frequency of try-hard indicators and not actual content.  As a result, this question asking 3 people about their favourite dessert was flagged as trying too hard:
Since social media is all about sharing, the Social Effort Scale wouldn't be complete without allowing you to compare your efforts to those of your friends and the rest of the world.  
How does your usage of social media rate? Try the Social Effort Scale and find out.