Innovation Summit: Breaking Patterns, July 8

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Believe it or not, innovation and government aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. In July the Public Sector Innovation Network held Innovation Month, a series of seminars and workshops around Australia that examined how and why the public service should be more innovative.

One of the highlights of Innovation Month was the Pattern Breaking Innovation Summit, which I attended.  Seven presenters from different industries asked "What are the barriers and patterns of behaviour that stop us from innovating? How we can overcome them?"

Although cynics will scoff that innovation and government are mutually exclusive, the fact is that as long as government programs and services are funded by taxpayer dollars, government agencies have a responsibility to deliver value to the Australian public.  Innovation is a way to achieve this, so it's not something that governments can avoid.  

All the speakers presented interesting topics, which have been summarised in Alex Roberts' informative blog post on the Public Sector Innovation website.  Videos of these talks will be available on the website within the next few weeks.