Room in a Box

Students who want to avoid the cost and hassle of lugging furniture around when they move house may soon have a cheaper, more convenient option. For under $200, Room in a Box contains all the basics for a student bedroom: a bed-frame, desk, chair and several boxes which can be configured to be bookshelves or drawers. Even a bin is included.

Developed by Our Paper Life, a cardboard product company, Room in a Box is made from water-resistant, corrugated cardboard that can be painted over. It can be set up by one person in 30 minutes with no tools or glue required. When it's time to move, the furniture can be disassembled and returned to the box, which has wheels for easy transportation by one person. Best of all, when the items become worn out they can easily be recycled.

Our Paper Life is currently seeking USD$185,000 in crowdfunding to get Room in a Box into production. Details of their campaign are on Indiegogo.