What sort of innovator are you?

Everyone has different ideas about innovation. These can be categorised into five types, according to British non-profit organisation NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts).

In 2014, NESTA created a UK-wide quiz to examine the British public's attitudes towards innovation in order to improve how innovation policy is communicated to the public.  The five types of innovators identified by NESTA are:  

Innovation Futurists: This group are engaged in the innovation debate and see the benefits of change in all aspects of life.  

Innovation Romantics: This group view new gadgets and technology as exciting and interesting but tend not to engage with innovation in the long term.  

Innovation Creatives: Are typically younger than average, and display high levels of creativity and have a social perspective on life.

Innovation Realists: Appreciate innovation but aren’t excited about it, per se, placing greater importance on ethics and rights than new ideas.

Innovation Sceptics: Are concerned about the pace of change in society. They are cautious and practical, placing low value on new ideas until they are confident they have real-world benefits.

Which one are you? Take NESTA's quiz to find out.